Our Story

Our journey began with an extensive search for a healthy and convenient alternative to the tedious, time-consuming routine of actually buying and choosing nutrient-rich fruits & vegetables required for our daily needs.

We never had a nanny to pick our veggies up, but we did need one!
And so, Sante, which means health in French, was born! It wasn't the Mary Poppins we'd wanted, but it certainly had its magical powers. Risen out of the need for a sustainable product that tasted good and consistently provided you with your daily nutrition.

Our first launch; The freeze-dried powders!This product offers an all-natural answer with a year's shelf life and no preservatives or additives. This revolutionary process involves freezing the fruit/vegetable to a point where it becomes brittle, extracting moisture to leave the product's nutrients in their purest form for consumption. The process is carried out in a state-of-the-art facility where quality is the highest and only parameter.

Moreover, in a nation where popping pills had become a new normal, we were dedicated to providing a holistic solution to our everyday problems sustainably; hence, Sante came up with our second launch, the Oil blends!

Our proprietary oil blends are 100% pure and natural and allow you to deal with health issues organically.

Throughout our research for sustainable, all-natural products, it became evident that the market was full of additives, chemicals, parabens, and preservatives, which often did more harm than good. And so, it became our mission to provide the world with realistic, affordable, and 100% natural products for everyone!

We've just started our journey, and there's no looking back now!
And just like the French, let's cheer to Sante; A good health!