Freeze-dried powders & their benefits

Freeze-dried powders & their benefits

Imagine this: You want to inculcate healthy habits into your routine, so you wake up early and decide to make yourself a healthy drink. You look into your fridge and find an apple and some spinach. After chopping the ingredients, you put it in the juicer, only to realize the proportions are all wrong, and the juice tastes, let's just say not so good!

Was it worth it? Worth all the efforts? From finding the ingredients, chopping, juicing and not having the desired result. Ask yourself honestly, how long do you think you will continue doing this? A week – maybe?Drum roll! Enter freeze-dried powders!

Scoop, mix and sip; A healthy drink on the go. 

You're welcome. 


But what is Freeze-drying, and how does it work? 

Freeze-drying removes moisture from frozen fruits and vegetables through a vacuum system and a process called sublimation. The process involves flash-freezing the fruit/vegetable and then dehydrating it in vapor using a high-pressure vacuum. What is left is a concentrated, nutrient-rich product. 

Freeze drying has been prevalent in the food industry for the longest time as it is one of the most efficient and convenient ways to preserve nutrients without affecting the texture and taste of the food. What Sante brings to the market is freeze-dried fruit and vegetable powders.

How are they beneficial? 


  • Superabundant nutrients

Freeze-drying is the most efficient drying process for preserving nutrients. Having about 99% of the nutrient value untouched leaves you with a nutrient-rich product.  


  • Versatility

The process allows removing moisture content and preserving almost any fruit or vegetable, be it an apple or a bunch of spinach leaves. The freeze-dried powder can be easily used in any beverages, snacks, or dressings without compromising its taste and texture! 

  • Shelf-life

The shelf life of any product depends on that product's moisture content, and the average for freeze-dried powders is around 3%, keeping it fresh and ready for consumption for a year!

The significant advantage of such powders lies in producing clean and nutritious food ingredients with a highly prolonged shelf life without adding preservatives, making them versatile, accessible, and convenient. 


  • Flavour, Colour, Texture and Freshness

Freeze-dried powders are the closest version of the raw product. Picking one of our powders is precisely like picking up fresh fruit from a garden, without having to wonder if it tastes as good as it looks! 


With new technologies emerging in food and nutrition every day, freeze-drying is a technique existing since times of war and is to date the best way to preserve food for longer durations, with all its nutrients intact. 

We at Sante believe that everyone should live a healthy - sustainable life, be it a toddler or an office goer. We understand the importance of time and health; hence have come up with freeze-dried powders as an ode to both. One can easily mix the powder in your chosen base to create new and delicious varieties of healthy servings every day.


Shifting to an efficient, practical, and affordable alternative couldn't get better! Customize your powders to your own health goals with Sante, your one-stop shop for all your freeze-dried powder needs.

Jumpstart living a Sante lifestyle, where health and happiness prevail.